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Workshopruth workshop
Explore movement, the body and state. Beginning daily with body work and time taken to deeply listen as the mind quiets, the focus of the workshop will be the exploration of notions of freedom and instincts, of communication with the space, other bodies and observers. Let go of your ideas and let the movement arrive from the excitement and joy of human interaction, as with deep listening arrives deep freedom in movement and in relating to other movers in space.

Ruth trained at London Contemporary Dance School gaining a first class honors degree in 2000. She has taken leading roles in a wide range of works with Manchester City Ballet, Jonathan Lunn, Bark Dance Productions, Smallpetitklein, Scottish Dance Theatre, and Mad Dogs Dance Theatre, The Letter J, Gravity & Levity, and Scarlattine Teatro, touring throughout the British Isles, Europe, the Middle East, and China. Ruth has worked with leading dance and theatre practitioners such as Hofesh Schechter, Rui Horta, Janet Smith, Dominic Hill, Liv Lorent, Adam Benjamin, Lost Dog, New Art Club, and Uri Ivgi among many others. Notable choreographic credits include ‘Revelator’ which toured with Scottish Dance Theatre for several years running and toured internationally, ‘Grandad & Me’, and most recently ‘Sbarchi’ for the European project ‘Meeting the Odyssey’, an ambitious production touring Italy and Greece this year.
In March 2011 Ruth co-created and produced the centenary celebrations for International Women’s Day in Glasgow’s Tramway.
Ruth’s teaching credits include regular class for Scottish Dance Theatre, Mad Dogs and Phoenix Dance Theatre, Dundee University, Dundee Rep Ensemble and Scarlattine Teatro. Most recently Ruth has turned her teaching to families with small children in ContaKids Classes and courses. Also a devoted yogi, Ruth allows practices of movement and meditation to inform an exploration of living and being in the world fully, honestly, presently and joyfully in each moment.