20 luglio ore 14/19
21 luglio ore 10/15

necessaria buona esperienza nella danza contemporanea

Luis Lara Malvacias: I am a Venezuelan experimental and trans-disciplinary artist whose body of work includes creating multidisciplinary works with a great focus on movement practices. My research and process reflect my experience as part of the larger diaspora of Latinx brown queer immigrant artists and is concerned with everyday situations that affect us all. I continue my exploration in the interaction between dance, design, new media, installations, sound, and the visual arts questioning preconceived ideas of choreography and modes of production and presentation. Besides choreographing and performing, I also design and create costumes, sets, props, and visuals for all the works. In 2003 I created a collective initially comprising Latinx artists living in NYC. It is currently known as the NOT FESTIVAL – a nomadic and kaleidoscopic conceptual artistic object, embracing cross-cultural and global artistic collaborative ideas. My work is presented under Luis Lara Malvacías / 3RD CLASS CITIZEN, and have shown work in several countries worldwide, from conventional venues to more unconventional spaces.

Jeremy Nelson:  teaching connects over 35 years of experience as dancer, choreographer and performer and is influenced by his continuing study in somatic practices, particularly Klein Technique™ and the Feldenkrais Method®, as well as Alexander Technique® and BMC®. Using simple exercises and movement directives leading into improvisation, we will approach our bodies as places of inquiry where we can examine our movement patterns and personal interests as well as open ourselves to the possibility of change. The workshop will emphasize the idea of physical research as a way to deepen awareness of the whole body, in order to discover and explore full and expressive movement. Adapted for the Zoom format, the workshop will be structured to allow participants to follow and participate, as well as see and be seen.


The workshop explores the relationship of the body thinking, the body processing, the body making, and the body performing. Does curiosity and examination of our own process produce knowledge? Using simple exercises, and hands-on work, we will develop a series of improvisational scores for solo, duet as well as group work. We will approach our bodies as places of inquiry where we can examine our movement patterns and interests and open ourselves to the possibility of change. This physical research will be inspired and influenced by our many years of study of a variety of movement approaches and modalities.